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Chris Fell Design & Project Management

Designs the Unimaginable

Chris Fell Design offers a unique Multi-Award-Winning luxury interior architecture and design service to clients, suppliers and manufacturers. Using the very latest technologies, enables you, the client to visualise the concepts and turn them into reality, offering a turnkey solution for creating your dream home.

Offering a complete design and project management service for anything you require in and around the home, from inception to completion, plan, draft ideas, design concepts, produce photorealistic visualisations along with printed 3D prototypes; production plans for every component to be manufactured and manage the installation or the delivery of the end product.

Unique designs are tailored to your requirements, paying special attention to the finer details, whether it be a complete dream home, luxurious living space, statement room(s), unique feature item(s) or even your very own Home Collection.

With 28 years' experience in the industry, Chris Fell Design knows this works for clients, turning their dreams into reality.

Turnkey Solution

Chris Fell Design offers a turnkey solution in design and project management. This is an integrated solution, where the Practice controls and manages the entire design project from inception to completion. Reducing the level of stress and work involved for the client, looking after every aspect of any project, including the management of budgets and payments.
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Chris Fell Design offers a luxury interior and exterior architectural design service to clients. The team take pride in listening to your requirements, offering inspiration and advice, collaborating these ideas into concepts and turning a vision into reality, using the very best luxury materials and finishes.
The Practice can provide detailed CAD drawings, illustrating dimensions, details and instructions to present to the client, the
manufacturer and installers all the necessary information required to complete the project.



For creating a perfect image, photorealistic rendering is a practical option for Chris Fell Design. Applying exact colours, textures, shading and lighting to the 3D models we design to create a photorealistic rendered image. This helps the team build the image according to the design, so that you can visualise the end design.
Chris Fell Design Genius Dressing Room 1
Chris Fell Design Genius Collection Hall

Printing 3D


Chris Fell Design uses the process of three-dimensional digital modelling. This process takes the CAD drawings of the unique home mouldings and transforms them into a scaled 3D model, for you to see the look and feel of the real thing in your very own hands before it's manufactured in your chosen material.

After seeing the prototype, the design

can be amended in any way to meet your requirements and reproduced before

manufacturing commences.

Production Drawing

The Practice creates very detailed production drawings for the manufacturing process of anything that is designed once the design concept has been commissioned. 

These drawings consist of every single detail of every component that needs creating from size to material to the required finish. 

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Chris Fell Design Mistry Dressing Room 1

Project Management

Chris Fell Design offers a project management service, taking all responsibilities for a project which includes planning, managing and executing projects, defining the project, building it's comprehensive work plan, and managing artisans and budgets.

The Project Manager communicates and liaises with the clients keeping them up to date with all aspects of the project and strives to get perfection in every way possible.

The team take pride in all projects and have a passion for the work that is delivered with impeccable care and attention to the whole process.

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